RIP Desmond Tutu - a truly wonderful man

A challenging sermon
Dec 26 2021
RIP Desmond Tutu - a truly wonderful man

Archbishop Tutu came to Baltimore in November 2008 to give a blessing to the first black bishop of Maryland, Bishop Eugene Sutton.


During the visit, he preached a sermon at the largest church in the city.


He started by saying "I have only one sermon. God loves us all".


You might think this an uncontroversial point with which to start an important sermon. However, far from this being a comfortable statement, he turned it into a challenge to us all.



He placed his hands close to each other in front of him, and said:

"All of us"


then moving them further apart with each statement he said...

"Men and Women"


Further apart...

"Rich and Poor"


Still further...

"White and Black"


Still further...

"Israeli and Palestinian" 


This was followed by a meaningful look and a pause and then...


"Are you still with me?"


The impact of that day was very great, on me of course, as I spent all day with him, but also on the people who were lucky enough to meet him at one of the many events hosted during the day with him as the centre of it all.


He was an amazing inspirational person, but everyone knows that.


A challenge to corruption wherever it is found.


An inspiring preacher and a wonderful, kind man.


Not everyone knows how marvellously he could do the hokey cokey with his, then 2 year old, granddaughter.


Desmond Tutu truly was a beacon of truth and hope for everyone.


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