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From Venice with Love
January 19, 2022
Venice gondolas
Venice gondolas

Planning ahead for travel is something I have always enjoyed, and travel is one of my favourite things, so 2020 and 2021 have been a bit of a bust.


Venice is often referred to as an Art Gallery, and it was certainly with the intention of creating new artistic work that I had planned this trip as it most definitely inspires my creativity.


I was in Venice in January 2020, just before the Covid crisis erupted, and almost exactly two years later, I have just completed the circle with a second visit.


In many ways, things were different artistically. The weather on my first trip had been misty, with gloriously mysterious imagery to be created through fog which hides the background.


This time the skies were mostly bright with no chance of mist at all. So this trip's images are sharper, albeit with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and a bit of Multiple Exposure thrown in for good measure.  And I'm pleased to say that there are some fascinating and different results.


My toughest decisions now are in which artistic direction to go.


I'm slowly letting my thoughts develop as the choices become clearer. In fact it often takes several weeks to 'see' the pictures for what they are. Then there's the creative question of what they might become with certain additional elements. An electronic mixed media framework makes huge and unpredictable changes to the starting point possible.


In lockdown, with no opportunity to travel, I learned about abstract images, and these will definitely feature.


But there may also be material for a scarf, so keep your eyes on my other website, as well as on Fitzwalls travel section.


I hope you enjoy Venice as much as I did.

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